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About Heart of Titus Ministries

That's me with many of the pastors of the Mission in the mountains of Guatemala October 2014

The mission of Heart of Titus Ministries is to enthusiastically GO to overseas churches to strengthen and encourage their leaders and people. By God’s grace we are a catalyst for revival in the churches we visit, dependent on the Lord to confirm his Word with signs, wonders and miracles which embolden the faith of the churches. We do this by forming and motivating teams of ordinary people and equipping them to do extraordinary feats, allowing them to use their spiritual gifts in situations where God’s compassion and faith have been nurtured. We will multiply the number of these teams as the Lord raises up and qualifies more “ordinary” people.

Are you one of those people in whom God has placed his heart of love and concern for those in distant churches?

2 Cor. 8:16-17


We have a name that is different but descriptive of the ministry the Lord has called us to. It is from Scripture, which says:

I thank God, who put into the heart of Titus the same concern I have for you. For Titus not only welcomed our appeal, but he is coming to you with much enthusiasm and on his own initiative. (2 Cor. 8:16-17)

Like Titus, God has put into the hearts of our team members a concern and a passion for overseas churches. Most of us use our vacation time from work to travel overseas, often spending our own money to go. I am continually amazed at the enthusiasm and initiative our team of travelers exhibits. They aren’t perfect people, just people who can’t bear the thought of not being a blessing.

Enthusiasm. Initiative. Concern. These mark those with the “heart of Titus.” Once God puts that heart in someone its hard to shake. We pray that God multiplies the number of people He puts His heart in, people who will go take His love and concern for His church everywhere He opens the door.


We believe in Jesus Christ. He is both God and the Son of God. He is God poured into a human form. He happily accepted the limits of humanity and showed us who God is through what he did as a man. When Jesus was born to a woman who had never had sex, it was a sign to the whole world that someone special had arrived.

Before he entered the world most people really did not have much reason to hope that things could get better. Even today people who don’t know who Jesus really is live their lives in the dark, hoping for something better but not knowing where to find it. But when Jesus came all that changed. He dedicated himself to making our lives better.

Everywhere Jesus went in his short public life he used all of his influence and all of his power to improve the lives of people. He was driven by his compassion for others. If they were sick, he healed them. If people were depressed, he encouraged them with his words of hope and promises of the future. If they were blind, he made them see. If their loved ones were dead he made them live again. If they were wracked with guilt over the errors of their past he not only forgave them but he gave them the power to change their lives.