Heart of Titus Ministries | Our Team: North America
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Our Team: North America

Tony Nardella

tonynardellaTony Nardella is the president and founder of Heart of Titus Ministries. Through Heart of Titus Ministries Tony leads ministry teams on short term mission trips throughout the world. In the past 15 years Tony has been on over 60 short term mission trips to Latin America. Besides preaching the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in churches, Tony has led teams which have worked with overseas churches to put on evangelistic and healing crusades, marriage conferences for pastors and church leaders, and seminars on a variety of topics including marketplace ministry and developing the gift of prophecy in the church. The goal of these different activities is to strengthen and encourage God’s church. By God’s grace the Lord often confirms his Word with signs, wonders and miracles wherever these teams go.

Tony is an assistant pastor and elder at Freedom Fellowship Church in Orlando, Florida. He is bi-vocational and when not travelling in missions works as an attorney in downtown Orlando. Tony has been married to Emily for over 30 years, and they minister together whenever possible. Tony and Emily live in Central Florida and together have 3 wonderful adult children.
Emily Nardella
mustard seed ecEmily Nardella is not only Tony’s wife but she is a minister in her own right. Nobody does more behind the scenes than Emily: she spends countless hours buying gifts for the teams to bring, and organizes them. She has been the ministry administrator for years. She handles all the expense reports and handles all the bookkeeping for Tony’s trips, and keeps in communication with the pastoras and women on our home and overseas teams. In addition she is the focal point for our ministry to women, helps pick out books, curriculum and educational materials for all and especially the women, and most importantly, has a heart that continually breaks in prayer over the needs of the women where we travel.

Emily has been married for over 30 years to Tony. At first her home-making duties prevented her from travelling with Tony, but when her youngest graduated from high school she became Tony’s regular companion. From being too shy to even give a greeting at the churches where Tony ministered, she now often co-preaches with Tony, prepares and leads sessions for or marriage conferences, and fearlessly proclaims the words the Lord gives her. She loves to introduce her concepts with visual aids, from shooting nerf guns in church illustrating the power of God’s declared word to working play doh to show how God molds the heart. She is known throughout our churches in Lima for the mustard seeds she distributed and for laying down to pray for the damaged feet and ankles of many women.

Pat McGuffin

patmcguffinPatrick J. McGuffin is a founding member of the Heart of Titus Ministries board of directors.  Pat is an author, pastor, business leader, and journalist in addition to his work in missions.

McGuffin, a University of Florida journalism graduate, spent the first part of his professional career publishing newspapers, ending that part of his life as president and publisher of 19 newspapers. Although he owns two printing companies and a book publishing company, his passion is “advancing God’s kingdom by taking what is seen by the eyes of a few and make it known to many.” This little phrase God gave him years ago has propelled him in his efforts as an elder/pastor in his church and as a missionary to many nations.

He is married to his lover and wife of 30 years Sheila, and they have two grown daughters, Stacy and Jennifer. Stacy and her husband Matthew and their sons Noah and Logan, and Jennifer and her husband Scott and their boys Reece and Talin have provided the McGuffins with a boatload of insight into life over the years.

Among his many civic, business and Christian leadership activities, McGuffin has been an Eagle Scout, president of Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship at the University of Florida and chairman of Florida Hospital Foundation/Apopka. He has started a Christian newspaper in Ecuador, published four family magazines throughout Florida, and kicked off a Christian newspaper in Iran, where it is illegal to publicize Christianity.

McGuffin feels most humbled to have watched God perform so many amazing miracles of healing during his missionary trips to South America. “The first time you see God make a blind person see, or a deaf person hear or a lame person get up and walk, your jaw drops in amazement and gratefulness that our God would invade the hurting lives of individuals like us, and set us in a new place,” he says. His desire, he states, is “that people would not only know there is hope, but also gain true confidence that God can change anything in their lives.”

Charles Blystone, Jr.

chuckCharles T. Blystone, Jr. is the newest addition to the board of directors for Heart of Titus. Chuck has been on missions to Indonesia, Serbia and Croatia, and has travelled with Heart of Titus to Ecuador and Peru. Chuck has recently taken on the responsibility for serving as our coordinator in Peru.

Chuck is an associate pastor at The Gathering Place Church in Sanford, Florida. He is also a financial consultant with New England Financial. Chuck’s primary gifts are in prophecy, preaching and in leading worship. He and his wife Becky also have written their own curriculum for marriage classes and they have been effectively used in that capacity in their church and overseas in our marriage conferences.

Chuck has been married to Becky for 36 years and have 2 daughters, Lara and Cara.

Scott Lee

Pastor Scott Lee is the Senior Pastor at New Life Praise Worship Center in Apopka, a suburb of Orlando, Florida.  The Lord called him out of being an air-conditioning serviceman, and into serving God, about 15 years ago.  Pastor Scott is known for his fiery and anointed preaching and humble demeanor.  He is a gifted worship leader and has led worship not only in his own church, but in other churches and Pastors’ Conferences throughout the country.  Scott has also led Worship Workshops for worship leaders in Cameroon, Africa and in Ecuador in South America.

Pastor Scott has been married for 28 years and has three adult, married children, and one grandchild.   Although the youngest member of our Board, Scott already can claim a legacy, in that all of his children are gifted musicians and worship leaders in their own right.

Scott and his wife, Cindy, have for years supported Heart of Titus’ missions and ministries through fund-raising, prayer and great encouragement. They both feel that the “Heart of Titus” Ministry will grow and reach out to the lost and forsaken, giving them new hope and reinforcing their life in Christ.  “We look forward to our church, our friends, our families, and even people we have not yet met, to join in the fulfilling of our destinies, which involves our commitment to the “Heart of Titus” Ministry.”

Ray Watson

raywatson2Ray Watson serves as Treasurer for Heart of Titus and is a founding member of the organization’s board. His primary responsibilities include coordinating ministry activities in Bolivia, assisting in the promotion of H.O.T. to local churches, and  in fundraising for team trips and ministry projects. Currently, Ray is developing a conference curriculum on the topic of Inner Healing.

Ray is an active member of Markham Woods Assembly of God, and serves as a leader/facilitator for a Cleansing Streams class in Orlando. Cleansing Streams is a non-denominational ministry that focuses on biblical discipleship, inner healing of past hurts and disappointments, and freedom from spiritual strongholds and bondage. He and his wife, Beverly, have been involved with the Cleansing Streams ministry since Fall 1999 – first as participants, now as leaders.

Ray’s heart for missions first was stirred during a trip to Europe to visit a former pastor who was studying French to become a missionary to Africa. In 2005, Ray took his first mission trips to South America, first to minister in Guayaquil, Ecuador, and a second trip to Santa Cruz, Bolivia, and Lima Peru. Since that time, he has traveled on six additional trips to Ecuador, Bolivia and Peru. Ray has led and participated in many missions ministry activities including: teaching at pastoral marriage conferences and business leadership conferences, preaching and teaching at local and foreign churches, hosting medical brigades with H.O.T. doctors, and speaking to TV and radio audiences.

Ray is the Supervisor of Operations for a wholesale acoustical distributor, with over 25 years of sales and management experience. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from Orlando College, in addition to an Associate of Science degree in Business Administration from Valencia Community College. Prior to pursuing higher
education, Ray served five years in the U.S. Navy with tours of duty in Charleston, South Carolina, Keflavik, Iceland, and Orlando, Florida. He and his wife, Beverly, have been married for over 35 years and have two adult daughters.

Pastor Joe Warner

pastor_joe_headshot1Pastor Joe Warner has been serving the Lord in full-time ministry for over 30 years.  He is married and has three grown children.

Pastor Joe planted Freedom Fellowship Church in Orlando in August of 1992.  Before that he worked as an associate pastor and principal of Florida Shores Christian Academy.
He has traveled all over the world doing apostolic/prophetic ministry.  He is known for helping to restore “burnt stones,” and bringing healing within the Body of Christ.  He operates in the gifts of the Spirit, especially in the gifts of prophecy.  We are thankful for Pastor Joe and the incredible help he has been, especially in helping Heart of Titus start its Prophetic Gifts Conferences.
Matt Butschek

matt head shotMatt Butschek has been travelling with us to South America since 2001.  A firefighter-EMT by profession, Matt has an evangelist’s calling and has been our “go-to” guy for our evangelistic campaign.  Matt is a team leader and has successfully conducted evangelistic services in Ecuador and Peru.  Last October Matt brought a team of 6 young men to Ecuador where they held 3 outdoor evangelistic crusades in as many cities and days and hundreds were saved and healed.  Matt has been married for 8 years to Stacy and is the proud father of 2 boys, with one expected any time now.

Olan Chancy

olanOlan Chancy is the Heart of Titus webmaster and along with his brother, Glen, and their business, Cor-fun, Inc., they have served our ministry by designing and updating our websites for years.   Olan has a passion for seeing the word of what God is doing overseas be communicated through the World Wide Web and has spent countless hours in helping Heart of Titus do just that. Olan and his wife Julia have been married for over 32 years and has 2 grown children and 1 grandchild. Olan hasn’t traveled with us yet but that day is coming.