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Jesus Christ is God! He is a God who loves us and uses his infinite power to help us. Like Jesus told the people in His hometown when He was starting to realize His purpose:

The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, To preach the acceptable year of the Lord. Luke 4:18-19 (KJV)

Jesus came to do many good things, including giving eyesight back to blind people (both physically blind and spiritually blind).  Listen to this report from Pat McGuffin about what happened in Ecuador yesterday:

Just finished preaching at Babahoyo (2 hours outside city).  Heading back to Fernando’s to spend night. About 250 people there.  Ministered to 150!!!  Bart led a street preaching time for about 8 young evangelists tonight. Today we preached in the marketplace street. It was great and several came forward.  One lady got clear sight and can even read the Bible now !! That is the third blind or partially blind person that received sight this trip! (Emphasis added by editor)Good night. I have almost 2 more hours before sleep, but I’m charged up.

Ed. Note: The following report was written by Tim Frazier. Tim is a banker who first travelled with us to Lima, Peru last November. Tim had never preached before and his testimony below is a wonderful confirmation of the saying that “our greatest ability is our availability.” We thank God for Tim and for all the men who sacrificed their time, money and comfort to go on this trip.

I just returned from Guayaquil, Ecuador, where I was invited by Pastor Chuck Blystone and Tony Nardella to accompany Chuck and 3 other men from Florida for a mission trip for 7 days. God was so good. The 1st night when we arrived at 12:00 Midnight the administrative assistant for the ministry handed us a printed itinerary/schedule and my minister said, “Tim read your schedule quick.” They had scheduled Tim Frazier to preach at a church on two different nights. My heart kind of skipped and a small feeling of FEAR struck me. But, Praise the Lord the Lord had given me a short message and scripture to teach on during the 7 hour plane ride.

I shared it in front of two other pastors on the trip and they approved it for delivery. At the service the next evening God really showed up and showed off. About 50+ people came forward in the church for personal

prayer from Dr. Byron Lopez, (a family physician and Professor of Biology in the University in Guayaquil, Ecuador) and me.

The 1st lady I walked up to with my translator after we had shared the Word, was all protruded with a large cancerous tumor in her stomach. I called up the wife of the Pastor of the church and asked her if she would put her hand on the lady’s stomach with my hand on top of hers (we try to be very respectful in touching ladies below the head but we can touch their hands and shoulders).

I started praying for her in English with translation into Spanish by the translator (Marcel, who is in Medical School in Guayaquil where his dad Dr. Byron teaches Biology. He is very intelligent and is only 22 yrs. old),.I loosed the spirit of infirmity and cancer in the name of Jesus Christ and commanded it to come out of her body NOW! The lady immediately jumped up in the air and flew backwards and was not caught by anyone as the man behind her had his eyes closed, but God protected her fall onto the cement floor; she was out for the count. The anointing of God was all over her and I BELEIVE she is healed in the name of Jesus. She will go to see her doctor this Friday, and I believe, that I believe she is HEALED, and the diagnosis the doctor gave her last week of stomach cancer will be gone. POWERFUL!

The next person was a young father with a baby in each arm. I ask him his name and told him mine in Spanish. I then asked him what he wanted prayer for. He wanted prayer for the healing of his family. I asked him where his wife was and he said that she was sitting across the room. I looked over and saw her breast feeding her brand new (3rd) baby with her breast totally exposed. I motioned to her to come over to stand next to her husband and her other two babies the father was holding in his arms. She covered herself up and came to where we were standing.

They hesitantly stood next to one another, and I began to pray for them and their three children. The young mother started to cry and then the young father, the children staring intently at each parent’s face as tears began running down their faces. I leaned over and gave them a big hug and held them for a minute while they cried. I told the father that just as his babies have to be weaned off of baby milk and pabulum so he needs to do the same as a Christian husband and father. He needs to read the Word each day even if it is just a Psalm or Proverb, to start and then increase. Read out loud with his wife and children around the table. Keep coming to church and Praise and Worship God. That God wanted him to be the Spiritual Head of his house and love and protect his wife and family. That wives want a husband that is somewhat like a loving and protective father. Not a father, but strong and protective like a father. A man that will support her and work to bring home enough money to take care of his family so she can feed the family and not worry.

He started crying harder and said he would do that. I then said that he needed to ask his wife to forgive him for any abuse or wrong he may have done to her. She wouldn’t look at him in his eyes. People at that point came up to the parents and took the babies out of their arms. Finally the wife looked into her husband’s eyes and I asked her if she could forgive her husband. She did. After hesitation, I took their arms and put them around each other and asked them if they would hug each other and each one tell the other they loved each other. They did and embraced and CRIED. It was all GOD, GOD, GOD!

As we were leaving the church they were standing at the church door and gave me a big hug and the translator a hug and said Gracias, Gracias, Gracias. It doesn’t get much better than that. This is just one of many incidents of healing of many I experienced like this one that make me want to go back and back again. We go hard each day and night with a jammed schedule but it is all worth it.

What a blessed night we had last night! Dr. Freddy Beltran and his family arrived yesterday from Guayaquil, Ecuador. Although they had been travelling since 3 a.m. they ministered at the Rey de Reyes Church in Apopka. The Holy Spirit touched many lives and there were several manifest healings. For example, Freddy said that there was someone who was feeling at that moment the fire of God go through their bones.  An older woman, Maria, began to tremble at her seat.  She was visibly affected. After the service she shared with me that she felt the fire of God go through her and she was relieved of all joint pain and pain in her bones.  She was obviously filled with joy and even said she was full of the “joy of the Lord”!

Freddy will be sharing again at Rey de Reyes Church on Sunday, March 30, 2008, at 2 p.m. The church meets at New Life Praise Worship Center in Apopka, at 113. N. Wekiwa Springs Road.

El dia lunes en la iglesia del pastor Herman Chavez hubieron muchas sanidades recuerdo dos, la una una mujer de 65 anos aproximadamente que por mas de 8 anos no podia doblar ni mover su codo derecho y por lo tanto no podia doblar su brazo ella decia que se habia hecho tratar de muchos medicos, traumatologos, pero nadie la curaba y esa noche fue sanada y comenzo a doblar su codo y mover su mano derecho.. Otra sanidad que recuerdo es una mujer de 40 anos aproximadamente que durante 4 anos tenia ulceras en su garganta y que habia sido tratada por muchos especialistas esa noche el Senor Jesus la sano y habria su boca y su garganta esta sanada.\ Ayer martes 19 de Febrero 2008 en una campana en la calle, muchos inconversos recibieron a Cristo por primera vez,,, y el Senor sano anoche a un anciano de 70 anos que habia sufrido un derrame cerebral hace 2 anos y que no podia caminar a causa de esto y estaba en silla de ruedas…. Luego de la oracion este hombre se levanto de su silla de ruedas y comenzo a caminar Aleluyaaaaaaaaaaaaa.  Gracias Jesus…Esto causo avivamiento en esta campana y luego de esto mucha gente paso al frente a dar su testimonio de sanidad.   Pero hay algo muy especial para mi….una nina de 12 anos, la misma edad de mi hija Tamara…Paso al frente y dio su testimonio ella decia que por algunos anos ella sufria una enfermedad muy grave y muchos medicos la habian visto pero nadie la podria sanar pero esa noche durante la oracion ella sintio el fuego sanador de nuestro Padre Celestial y ella fue sanada….Luego que el culto termino ella se acerco a mi , ella es una nina muy pobre en un barrio muy humilde..Me dijo Dr. Freddy yo fui sanada por mi Senor Jesus y siento en mi corazon darle esta ofrenda, es todo el dinero que tengo, es el dinero para pagar mi bus para regresarme esta noche a mi casa, pero Dr. Freddy yo se que usted gasta mucho dinero en sus viajes misioneros,,,yo se lo doy recibalo de parte de Dios Aleluya…Yo comenze a llorar. Gracias al Senor por esta nina que tiene la misma humildad y el mismo amor que aquella viuda  que dio 2 monedas, que era todo lo que tenia…Gracias Senor porque toca corazones puros y dadivosos..No importa la condicion social, ni la pobreza, sino el amor de Dios que tenia esta nina en su corazon.

There is hope for every hurting marriage!  The following poem was written by our ministry’s founder, Tony Nardella, 3 years after he reconciled with his wife, Emily.  Read ‘His Story’ and be encouraged that God can heal and restore any relationship no matter how badly damaged.  By God’s grace Tony & Emily’s marriage survived and they have now been married for over 30 years.



“Forgive her?!  I can’t!”
Though he earnestly tried
To find a reason for grace
As the enemy lied.

“You can never forgive her
for your heart that she stole.”
He struggled and stammered
and fought for his soul.

The battle continued,
imaginations set in.
“I can’t be expected
to forgive such a sin.”

He was losing his grip –
He was ready to leave.
“Are the two really one?
To your wife did you cleave?”

His heart was so broken
Many tears he had cried.
Exhausted, he left her
as the enemy lied.

Confused and dejected
The root of bitterness, grown.
Snared by hatred, his life
was no longer his own.

Given over to torment
God’s mercy withdrawn.
His spirit, once vibrant,
had grown cold and forlorn.

“O my God, please save me!
What is happening to me?”
He cried out to the One
Who had forgiven for free.

To follow his Savior;
“Can I really abide
By the words He had spoken
And live a life that must die?”

“You can never forgive her!”
The enemy lied
But the thought now rang hollow
and empty inside.

A conviction then whispered,
“Deceit’s in the heart.
But it’s your heart, not hers,
That’s keeping you apart.”

A light flickered, then flashed,
Then glowed deep, down inside.
Proclaiming the Truth
Where the enemy lied.

“My God, what have I done?!
Have I been so deceived?”
It broke him in pieces;
It was hard to believe.

The pain then exploded
As he, now aware,
That his sin, not her sin,
Was more than he could bear.

As his horror increased
and settled into despair,
All at once he realized
That Jesus was there!

“He’s in the conviction!
He’s in the light!
He’s in the awareness
That I’ve not done what’s right!”

“If Jesus can show me
The deceit I’ve been in,
Can it then be too hard
for Him to forgive?”

Something rose up within,
His confidence grew,
That the One he cried out to
Had forgiven him too.

The forgiveness, now realized,
Was part of his heart.
His soul, now so free,
Could forgiveness impart.

The thought of his wife
Living so far away
Now brought longing, not pain,
As he pondered his ways.

He heard the enemy lie,
“It’ too hard to unweave.
And she won’t take you back …”
But he would not believe.

That God would reveal
So much of His grace
And not give him the legs
To finish the race.

He called her, and poured out
His broken heart like wax.
“I’ll trust in Christ Jesus
No matter how she reacts.”

This story is over,
Their love was revived.
“It was only through Jesus
That our marriage survived.”

Copyright 1993 AMN
Used by permission