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Team altar ministry

We love to preach the gospel but we also want to remember the poor. For this reason we have been involved in a number of outreaches to the churches and people of South America where we have visited.


Bibles. We bring what we can in our suitcases or we buy what we can down there. We bring bibles, testaments, Sunday School materials, books which we think will benefit the pastors, and so on. A few years ago a ministry donated 2 palates of Spanish bibles and testaments. All the bibles are now gone and we are almost out of the other materials.

Clothes. We get many gifts of clothes that are either new or in excellent shape. Again, we bring what we can and distribute the clothes among the pastors we trust in the poorest areas.

Sunday School Feeding Programs. For several years now we have identified several poor churches in Peru and in Ecuador. We have helped to pay for a feeding program in those churches through the Sunday Schools of these churches. We have worked with the pastors with the doctors on our team to make sure the meal is nutritious. We want them to have at least one good meal per week. We also want them to know that the local church is where they can find the help.

Marriage Conferences for Pastors. Many of the pastors we serve can’t afford the money it would take to spend a night or two at the beach like we have built into our marriage conferences/retreats. Thanks to the generous gifts of our friends, we have been able to greatly subsidize the cost for all participants, and to scholarship quite a few.

Medical Clinics for the Poor. We have a number of doctors on our team in Ecuador. We have done numerous clinics for the poor, always through the local churches, in Ecuador and Peru. Our ministry will often contribute with the cost of the medicines.

Preaching – “Woe to me if I don’t preach the gospel!” Paul exclaimed in his second letter to the Corinthians. Most of you who know us know that it is a joy for us to go and preach the good news of JESUS CHRIST. As was said about Titus, we are going to other cities to preach “with much enthusiasm and on [our] own initiative.” [2 Cor.8:17] It blesses me that so many people have joined us in the call to preach the gospel overseas.


Although some of us are now ordained or licensed ministers we are really just business people and housewives that love God and have heard him call us to go and preach the gospel. For many years we have preached here at home but primarily in Latin America. Members of Heart of Titus have preached in the United States, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Bolivia and Argentina. We preach primarily in churches but also anywhere a crowd will gather. We have preached in big churches and little churches, fields and tents, from the back of pick up trucks, in “rap/hip hop” discoteques, in parks and in the street. We have preached and ministered in businesses and have been heard many times on both Christian and secular TV and radio.


As part of our preaching we consider it an honor to pray for those who have listened to us, usually after we share the message God placed in our heart. As we pray in Jesus’ Name we often see people get healed or filled with the Holy Spirit. Often we see people surrender or re-surrender their hearts to Christ. We have seen by His grace marriages and families restored, people set free from demonic bondage and so many other wonderful things it would be impossible to list them all. Some of our team also have been gifted with sharing words of encouragement, prophetically, during these times of prayer and ministry.


The Apostle Paul wrote that when the cross is preached, it results in the display of God’s power and wisdom. Thank God that what Paul wrote nearly 2000 years ago is still true today.


Teaching – Jesus told us in the Great Commission, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.” Matt. 28:19-20 (emphasis supplied).
We preach the Word, but we also recognize how important it is to teach and to make disciples. We teach in many different ways, including mixing teaching in with our preaching, guest teaching at ministry training centers or prophetic ministry classes, distributing books, talking and counseling people one on one, and hopefully living lives worthy of being followed.


One of our passions is to encourage the pastors and church leaders in a city by hosting a breakfast for them. During these breakfasts we accomplish a number of goals, including making new friends, encouraging and praying for these precious front-line servants of God, and teaching them something from the Scriptures which will hopefully help them fulfill their ministries.


You can read about our marriage conferences for the pastors as well. We have been told by quite a few of the pastors that they are taking our materials and using them to teach their own churches.


We are praying that the Lord would provide us with more people who have the “Heart of Titus” that would be used of the Lord to follow up what we have been doing with even more indepth discipleship programs.

As the Spirit leads we form teams here in the United States and overseas.  Here is a recent picture of our team in Guayaquil, Ecuador.  They serve us in every way imaginable on our trips there, including feeding, housing, transporting, coordinating events, praying during services and the like.   They meet every week in the home of one of the team members in Guayaquil, to pray, study the Word of God, and see what they can do to carry out recent ministry projects.  Now many of them are preachers in their own right.  They have helped to plant a church and a team of leaders in Vinces, Ecuador.

Part of the reason for the ministry we do is to have something to tell our friends back home. People need to hear these incredible stories of what God is doing in the lives of people overseas.


Pat McGuffin is one of our board members and travels more for the ministry than any other North American except Tony Nardella. Pat strongly believes in this mission. He has felt this call all his life to “take what is seen by the few and make it known to the many.”  An accomplished journalist and newspaper publisher and editor, he and Sheila, his wife, run a media company where he is continually honing his skills in modern communications.


For 7 years Pat assisted a large Assembly of God Church in Ecuador develop and print their own Christian newspaper. More recently he helped their media group develop a Christian internat portal for the nation of Ecuador.


The internet is an incredible medium for getting the word out, and we have barely tapped into its potential.  We are thankful for our good friend, Olan Chancey, who is our webmaster and has put so much of his time into this webpage.


Tony for many years has known that he needs to be a “report man” coming home and telling people what he has seen God do in his travels.  By getting the word out about God’s incredible love and power being displayed in other countries it is our hope and desire that we will help to light a fire in the hearts of God’s people.


We are using all forms of media to tell people of the wonderful love of Jesus Christ our Lord. In South America the doors have been open in even the secular print, TV and radio media. We thank God that He is making a way for us to proclaim the good news of His love and power everywhere.

It is our privilege to host marriage conferences for the pastors and church leaders in South America. What a joy it is to see relationships strengthened and healed, in many cases with greater freedom to love and to forgive than ever before!

In this space we want to report about our conferences and the incredible work of grace that is happening in Christian marriages all over the world.

Let us introduce you to our marriage conference team:

Our Team:

Tony and Emily Nardella can testify to God’s power to save any marriage, no matter how bad it is. In the late 1980’s they and their young children went through a terrible time. Their marriage slowly disintegrated as mistrust, unforgiveness and the lies of the evil one caused them to turn on one another. Tony left Emily in April of 1990 but, through God’s grace and incredible mercy, they were reconciled in June, 1990. They claim that only the Lord could have brought so much love back to them so quickly where there had been so much hate and pain before. Tony says, “The creation was just a magic trick compared to the work it took for the Lord to take 2 hard hearts full of resentment and unforgiveness toward one another and help them fall in love again.” Now they have been married to each other for nearly 30 years and are eager to tell everyone in a bad mairriage that there is hope in Jesus Christ. To read a poem written by Tony about “his  story,” click here. They have 2 adult sons, 1 adult daughter, but no grandkids yet!

Ray and Bev Watson have been married over  35 years. Ray and Bev have assisted with at least 2 retreats.  They have been Cleansing Streams Ministry Leaders at Calvary Assembly of God in Winter Park, Florida, for nearly 10 years. This ministry assists the believer with living in line with the Word of the Lord and bringing everything in conformity to His plan for our lives. They often share about the radical change that occurred in their marriage when they experienced the cleansing power and grace of the Lord at one of their ministry retreats. They say it revolutionized their marriage and they deeply desire others to experience this grace of God for themselves. They have 2 adult daughters and 2 grandchildren.

Pat and Sheila McGuffin have also been married for nearly 30 years. In addition to running their own businesses they lead in their church where Pat serves as an assistant pastor. They have been through the highs and lows of married life in nearly every area – children, money, parents, sickness, tragedy, but through it all God they testify that God has been faithful to see them through. Now they long to share the wisdom He has shown them and to encourage young couples that God will see them through whatever fiery trial they may have had.  They have 2 adult daughters and 3 grandchildren (all boys!)

Chuck and Becky Blystone have been married over 30 years and have also survived major trials in their marriage. Besides having their own financial services business Chuck is an assistant pastor at his church where one of their responsibilities has been preparing young couples for marriage and teaching marriage classes. The two of them show a remarkable unity between them and the Lord has used them powerfully to speak into the lives of the pastors and church leaders who come to our conferences. They have 2 daughters and 1 grandchild.

Rick and Sharon Stangler have also been married for over 30 years and helped to get us into this ministry. They are gifted by the Holy Spirit in many areas not the least of which is the ability to communicate the principles of life in the Spirit and freedom, especially in the marriage context. For many years they had their own barber/hair styling business but now they have gone into full time ministry, travelling around the world preaching the gospel and putting on marriage conferences for Christians and church leaders. They have 3 children and 3 grandchildren, at last count!
To contact us about doing a marriage conference or retreat for your Christian group, you can email us at:  [email protected]There are many others who have assisted us in these conferences.  Our friends overseas have also participated in the conferences. Pastors Nery and Teofila Zeña, andPastors German and Aurora Osorio of Lima, Peru, have taught at our conferences, as have Pastors Francisco and Elsa Loor of Guayaquil, Ecuador, and members of our ministry team in Ecuador including Drs. Freddy and Edith Beltran.