Heart of Titus Ministries | OUR ECUADORIAN TEAM
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Dr. Byron and Leonora Lopez

drbyronandlleonoralopezWe met Dr. Byron, Leonora and their son Marcel on a 4 hour road trip from Guayaquil to Campo Verde in early 2005.  They were going without any fanfare to host a medical clinic for the poor people of that area, bringing their own medicines and supplies.  When Pat McGuffin got sick later that trip we called Dr. Byron who prayed for Pat, who was healed immediately.  Dr. Byron and his family always pray for us, come to our services and help pray for those who respond to the invitation at the end of the service.  Dr. Byron has his own medical practice, is a medical university professor and is a well-known teacher of the Word, normally leading the teaching of our weekly team meetings in Guayaquil.  Dr. Byron as travelled with us to Peru to preach and assist in the ministry there.  Dr. Byron and Leonora have 2 sons, Byron Alfredo and Marcel, who are following in their father’s footsteps.  Byron Alfredo is a medical doctor and Marcel is a medical student.  Marcel is one of our key translators and Byron Alfredo has helped us in translation as well.

Fernando and Gardenia Ubilla

fernandogardeniaubillaFernando Ubilla  is a civil engineer and contractor who has been married to his childhood sweetheart, Gardenia, for nearly 30 years.  Fernando started out with us by transporting us and assisting our United States teams in Ecuador.  After Gardenia was miraculously healed from an almost fatal illness in April, 2008, Fernando and Gardenia have taken a bolder role in not just serving our team but becoming ministers themselves.  They started with sharing their testimony of how the Lord healed Gardenia, and now Fernando preaches weekly in one of the extension churches of our hosts, Evangelistic Center Assembly of God.

They have grown in the gifts of healing and prophecy, and now they normally host the weekly meetings for our Ecuador team.  Fernando helps set up and coordinate our services, conferences and other events in Ecuador. They have a weekly meeting with married couples for couples ministry and has helped to not only start a Heart of Titus team in his home town of Vinces but he has also helped to plant a church there.  He and Gardenia have travelled with us to Peru to assist with preaching and to be featured speakers at our marriage conferences for pastors. Fernando and Gardenia have 3 children, Sofia, Michelle and Fernandito.

Drs. Freddie and Edith Beltran

freddyedithbeltran2Drs. Freddy and Edith have 2 children, Tamara and Freddicito.  One night Pastor Miguel Saez prayed for the Beltran’s son at a yogurt shop and the Lord healed Freddicito of a horrible condition.  Soon thereafter the whole family gave their hearts to the Lord. We met them in May 2005 after Edith had been healed of colon cancer.  They travelled with us to Campo Verde and other churches where the Lord used Freddy and Edith to heal an infant of a hernia, which disappeared right in front of us. Since then Freddy has travelled with Tony and now on his own all over South America and to the United States, sharing the testimonies of healing in his family and preaching the gospel.  Freddy has a strong anointing for healing the sick.

The Beltrans have a ministry called “Medicine in Christ” which organizes Ecuadorian doctors for medical clinics to the poor of their country. They also have regular team meetings among their doctors and they host a weekly half-hour television show in which some aspect of medicine is discussed and then the gospel is preached.

Pastor Miguel and Judy Saez

saez“Super” Miguel, as he is fondly known, is 79 years old and travels every week to a church he planted 4 hours north of Guayaquil in a town called Campo Verde (Green Camp).  Miguel had been our primary translator since we first started travelling to Ecuador in 1998.  Miguel lived in New York City for over 40 years, where he met and married Judy, and they retired to Ecuador.  Miguel loves to sing for the Lord, he loves the ministry, and he will sing and preach with a powerful anointing for anyone who will listen!  Together he and Judy have a depth of wisdom and experience in the Lord, and such serving hearts, that they are an incredible blessing to us and to our Ecuadorian team.