We may be diverse in language, vocation, denomination, and gender, yet our hearts are knit by our common desire to see the Gospel preached, lives changed and His gifts displayed.




Tony Nardella

Ministry Founder

As the founder and President of Heart of Titus Ministries, Tony has taken over 120 mission trips in 24 years. He is the co-host of the Let's Go TV program, a former senior pastor and now the Facilitator of South Lake Pastors' Fellowship in Clermont, Florida.


Emily Nardella

Financial Administrator

As the Ministry Administrator, Emily has taken over 40 missions trips in 20 years. Whether on the mission field or in Clermont, Florida, she can often be found leading women's meetings and conferences. 


Pat McGuffin

Ministry Co-founder

As Co-Founder and Vice President of Heart of Titus Ministries, Pat has taken over 60 missions trips in almost 20 years. He is the host of the Let's Go TV program and the pastor of Freedom Fellowship Church in Orlando, Florida  


Carlos Castillo Jr.

Board Member

Carlos is a Heart of Titus board member who has taken 14 mission trips. He leads prophetic worship seminars, is a prophetic conference speaker, and is the pastor of Connection Church in Clermont, Florida.


Abner Gomez


Team Coordinator

Abner has taken over 50 missions trips where he leads marriage and family conferences and speaks at prophetic conferences. He is the pastor of Restoring the Family Church in Parramos, Guatemala and is a coordinator for teams traveling to  Guatemala.  


Joe Warner

Board Member

Joe has taken over 120 missions trips. He is a Heart of Titus board member and a prophet who leads prophetic gifts and activation conferences and pastors’ conferences. He is the former lead pastor of Freedom Fellowship Church and now serves on the apostolic council for the Network of Related Pastors. Joe serves at Faith Fellowship Church in Yadkinville, North Carolina.

Board Member


Chuck Blystone

fernando - Edited.jpg

Fernando Ubilla


Board Member

Chuck is a Heart of Titus board member who has taken 12 missions trips. He leads marriage and family seminars and prophetic gifts seminars. Chuck lives in Debary, Florida.

Fernando is a Heart of Titus board member who is based in Guayaquil, Ecuador where he is the leader of Marriage for All Life Ministries and the coordinator of teams traveling to his city. He is a frequent speaker at marriage and family conferences.


Christian Hedegaard

Team Leader

Christian has taken hundreds of mission trips. He is an evangelist, revivalist, and leads evangelistic crusades. Christian is the founder of Evangelist Ministries and the pastor of Powerhouse Church in Orlando, Florida. www.powerhouseflorida.com

Team Leader/ Board Member

Darin has taken 12 mission trips. He often leads prophetic activation seminars. He is the producer of the new Let's Go TV program and is a recognized prophet at Metro Life Church in Orlando, Florida.

Ministry Administrator/

Board Member

Dan James has taken many missions trips where he often leads and speaks at conferences. He handles the day to day operation of the ministry. He with his wife Becky co-hosts a weekly podcast "Seeing God in the Everyday."

Team Leader

Abner is based in Antigua, Guatemala where he is the pastor of Clama Antigua! He has taken 12 missions trips where he preaches, leads worship and  leads youth and evangelistic campaigns.

Silvya Shao



Darin Slack


Dan James


Abner Gomez Jr.


Vanessa Birkbeck.jpg

Vanessa Birkbeck


Roberto Rios Mendoza


Team Coordinator

Vanessa has taken hundreds of missions trips. She is a preacher, prophet and leader of spiritual empowerment conferences and women's conferences. She is the founder of Empower the Nations. 


Roberto is based in Santo Domingo, Ecuador where he is the pastor of Christian Vision Center Assembly of God Church. He has taken 5 missions trips and is the coordinator for teams traveling to Santo Domingo.


Team Leader

Silvya is a leader and coordinator of women's, marriage and pastors conferences and a coordinator of teams for Heart of Titus Ministries in the Chillos Valley and South Quito, Ecuador.

Team Leader


Johnel Ley-Soto

Team Leader

Johnel has taken 2 missions trips. He is a preacher and leads evangelistic campaigns and street ministry in Orlando, Florida. 


Max & Nelly Garcia


Team Leaders

Max and Nelly are the pastors of Rose of Sharon Church in Lima, Peru. They have taken 20 domestic missions trips in Peru where they preach, lead children's programs, and plant churches.


Leonardo Naranjo


Team Coordinator

Leonardo is the pastor of Jesus the Provider Church in Calderon, Ecuador. He has taken 2 domestic missions trips in Ecuador where he is a leader and coordinator of pastors, women’s, and spiritual gift activation conferences. He is also a church planter and the coordinator of teams for Heart of Titus Ministries in Quito, Ecuador.

Dr. Byron Lopez with son Dr. Marcel Lope

Dr. Byron Lopez


Team Coordinator

Dr. Byron (pictured with his son) has taken 3 missions trips. He is a team leader and teacher for our local ministry team in Guayaquil, Ecuador, and helps coordinate teams in that city.


Elizabeth Andrango


Team Coordinator

Elizabeth is the pastor of New Life Church in Calderon, Ecuador.  She is gifted in prophecy, deliverance and healing.  She had coordinated her first trip for our ministry to Europe but the trip was canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We look forward to seeing her leadership skills develop!